A Better Way

With Job Cottage’s A Better Way to pay, employers canempower their business with every package the purchase. Enrollment is easy andthe price has never been better. It’s free!

Here’s how it works:

Sign up as an Employer and you will receive an account number.

Make a package purchase and enter your account number just like a debit card to complete your purchase.

When the transaction is completed we create gift certificates totaling the amount of your purchase that we sell to Job Cottage candidates.

Candidates come to your business to redeem.

Is that not amazing? You got a Real Service, with Real CashSavings and a Real Customers in return simply from posting a few jobs andsearching for a few candidates.


Not too shabby. We have turned a job looker into a product seeker.

So, why wait? No other employment service will EVER let youdo something like this? Sure we may not be the biggest pony in the barn, butlet’s not forget: every company starts with ONE.

How about it?


Get on board by enrolling now.